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Meet Our Coaching Staff

Olivia Tobey

Director and U18 Coach

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Kaitlynn Davis

Director and U16 Coach

I’ve been coaching for 8 seasons now, this will be our third year as club directors, within these last 8 years of coaching I have worked with players of all ages from 8 to 18, through YMCA and club volleyball. I find myself involved in a world where my passion for volleyball merges with my deep seated desire to inspire and nurture young athletes. In the last several years, I’ve come to understand the important impact that mentorships can have on a player’s development, both on and off the court. 

My journey with volleyball began 14 years ago, I played for multiple local clubs growing up and graduated from Central Valley HS in 2019. Those years of playing weren’t just about mastering the technical aspects of the game; they were about discovering the elusive qualities that volleyball instills- resilience, teamwork and determination. 

As I transitioned from player to coach, I quickly realized that coaching volleyball was about so much more than just teaching the sport. It was about molding young minds, instilling in them the values that would serve them long after they left the court. I love the idea that coaching is as much about shaping character as it is about refining skills. 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my coaching journey has been the opportunity to move up with my teams each year. This progression not only speaks to the growth of the players but also to my own evolution as a coach. Every season presents new challenges and opportunities for learning, and I am grateful for the chance to grow alongside my players.

I strongly believe in the power of positivity. I strive to create an environment  where my players feel supported, encouraged and empowered to reach their full potential. My goal is simple yet profound, to be the best possible role model for each and every player I coach, guiding them as they navigate the highs and lows of both sports and life. 

There’s nothing quite like witnessing the growth and development of my players throughout the season, seeing them evolve not only as athletes but as individuals. It’s a reminder to why I fell in love with the sport in the first place and why I continue to be drawn to the world of coaching, for me coaching isn’t just a job.


Todd Weger

U12 and U14 Coach

I am looking for future CHAMPIONS of life, a player that is willing to listen, not afraid to fail, work hard, play with determination, highly competitive and with a little guidance can become an amazing player because she is already a good person.

Volleyball, at this age group, can become family pretty quickly if done right, harmony between the players, coaches, and parents is essential.  Girls' sports at this age need to have an element of building each other up.  We will do this by having a parent fun night, Ugly Sweater Party, tournament team bonding and an end of the year celebration.  Finding a future family for your young volleyball player isn’t always easy.  We focus on increasing their volleyball IQ, you will be amazed by how much they will grow in this sport from the moment your daughter steps on the court until the final tournament of the season, she will be unrecognizable (in a great way)…  There is a focus on winning, but more importantly on the experience that the girls will have.  My teams have traditionally finished on the winning side of the bracket, competing for the championship.

My job as a coach, which I have been doing since 2001 is to teach her the great game of volleyball.  What she will learn are all the fundamentals, but with a focus on team and individual measurement. We keep stats for a reason, to show the improvement of your player and the decline if she has a bad day, but more importantly how much she will progress.  After a tournament the coaches provide a tournament recap to be shared with the player/parents so the player knows how she did compared to her goals and the rest of the team.  This gives the coaches a tremendous opportunity to show success and build the players confidence.

I am an overly positive coach on game days!  You will see me giving 100s of compliments and not doing much critiquing, I save that for practice by strategy.  You will see me taking lots of notes during the game by design to have better discussion at practice with each player.  There is enough pressure on these kiddos during a game that we as parents and coaches don’t need to add to it.  We want momentum in our favor!

I move up with my teams and coach them through most of their volleyball career.  I was a college player at Wazzu and have coached from Developmental age all the way up to College girls.  What I have learned the most is to make this an amazing EXPERIENCE, volleyball from U12-U18 goes very quick and hopefully you find the right fit for your daughter without having to change too many teams, clubs, or coaches.

Parent expectations are simple, stay positive with your player on game day!  Athletes are amazing at reflecting what their parents tell them and respond to body language and words.  There is already pressure on these kids to perform at a high level, they don’t need added pressure from a negative parent/coach.

Samantha Schmidlkofer

U15/16 Coach

Hi! My name is Samantha Schmidlkofer! Volleyball has been apart of my life since I was 11 and have coached club off and on since I was 17 years old. I played for Shadle Park where we took 8th in state in the 4A division in 2007. I enjoyed GU Vb camps and NBC camps throughout my time in highschool taking most inspiration and grit awards multiple years in a row. In high-school I had the amazing opportunity to play ball abroad in the Netherlands my junior year with People to People Sports Ambassadors where I got to end our international tournament playing with the local team and winning the championship bracket! SO much fun! That trip inspired me to get back overseas, so later I turned down an offer to play ball at the Community College level and moved abroad as an international volunteer working with children with severe learning disabilities and epilepsy. I ended up coaching for 3 club seasons and NBC camps before moving to the UK in 2009. Many years later after my junior year in college I coached C team and Freshman at Shadle for 5 seasons alongside a 14s club season and then a developmental program at the club setting which I was very passionate about, but unfortunately ended with covid closures. Currently I am a mom of 2 kiddos here in Spokane Valley. I took a break playing volleyball with starting my family, but am an active member within the adult volleyball community currently and love all the connections and friendships that has brought. I am so looking forward to starting my second season with Extreme Volleyball. I am intensely passionate about foundational skills, repetitions, character building, positive team dynamic and integrity as a player on the court, bench and off the court.


Jules Greenberg

U16 Assistant Coach

Hey there, I'm Jules and I'm proud to call myself a cosmetologist right here in Liberty Lake. My journey to this picturesque town began back in 2018. I moved here and a girl who grew up playing volleyball here became a good friend and showed me the ropes.

Before I found my passion for making others feel beautiful, I was all about volleyball. Growing up in Germany, I spent my days on some kind court or field. Between my two older sisters and myself, there was always some sport being played. That competitive spirit has stuck with me, and now I'm in my third season coaching. There's something about mentoring others and watching them grow that just fills me with joy.

In my cosmetology practice, I strive to do more than just enhance outer beauty. I want every client to leave feeling like the best version of themselves, inside and out. It's about empowerment as much as it is about aesthetics.

For me, competitiveness isn't just about winning; it's about pushing myself and others to be the best we can be. And hey, having a good attitude along the way makes all the difference. Whether I'm on the volleyball court or behind the salon chair, positivity is key.

Tiffany Rodas

U17 Coach

I am Coach Tiffany , I am a volleyball enthusiast whose love for the game knows no bounds. From the moment I set foot on the court as a young player, a spark ignited within, fueling a lifelong passion for volleyball.

With over 26 years of experience as a player and as a coach, my journey in the sport has been nothing short of extraordinary. Starting as a determined athlete, I quickly realized that volleyball was more than just a game; it became a way of life. The camaraderie, the strategic plays, and the electrifying atmosphere during matches all contributed to a deep affection for the sport.

As a coach, I channel this love for the game into every training session and match. With infectious enthusiasm, I try to inspire players to embrace the sport's intricacies and challenge themselves to grow both as athletes and individuals. Whether it's honing technical skills, perfecting serves, or mastering teamwork, I instill the belief that hard work and dedication lead to success.

Beyond the physical aspects of volleyball, I emphasize the importance of sportsmanship and fair play. Respecting opponents and fostering a supportive team dynamic are values ingrained in every coaching session. The goal is not only to achieve victories on the court but also to cultivate character and leadership traits that extend far beyond the game. 

My infectious passion and unwavering commitment to volleyball creates a lasting impact on players, instilling in them the same love and devotion to the game that I emulate. 

Sharing my passion for volleyball has been passed down to my five children. All three of my daughters have or are currently playing volleyball for club and school. My two sons are also passionate and love the sport as well. 

I have raised my family with my husband in Spokane Valley for the past 15 years. We love playing sports, ( especially volleyball) going to the local lakes, and enjoying our growing children in all of their endeavors.


Emma Borgman

U14 Assistant Coach

I grew up playing both volleyball and basketball, my coach when I was growing up was Todd. We now coach together and he is the reason I am the best coach I could possibly be. I’m always getting friends and family together to play sand volleyball in the summer and even doing a winter league with friends! I have been playing volleyball since I was 12 and this will be my 5th year coaching! My goal as a coach is to be a role model for these young ladies on and off of the court, and to watch them grow to become confident as players and people.

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